Mandarin may be the most commonly spoken language in the world, but English is not far behind. That means many of the people you will meet will be able to speak a little English. Having even a basic grasp of the English language will help you talk to people from all over the world. Think of English as the bridge that allows you to cross over the language barrier.

What benefits can you get from English conversation lessons? Besides being able to speak to a larger number of people, it might also help you get a job. Many companies do business all over the world nowadays.

Knowing more than one language can make you a very valuable asset to a company.  Knowing English dialogues can also help you in a social setting. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone from another country by simply knowing a few simple English phrases. The world has grown a whole lot smaller because of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. Just think how many more people you could get to know if you could “talk” to them online.

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Something as simple as, “Wazzup?” could open the door to getting to know someone better and make friends in the process.  Being able to take part in and understand these English conversations may lead to you getting a better understanding of the language and other people.

You don’t have to become a master of the English language to be able to communicate. Short, simple phrases and a basic grasp of the language are usually all you need. The world is getting smaller every day as the internet connects us all. If you want to be a part of that small world, a few English conversation lessons can help you do that.


Welcome to Everyday English Conversations. My name is Don, and I am an English conversation instructor in Bangkok, Thailand. I have spent the past several years trying to find fairly easy English conversations to help with teaching my 3rd – 12th grade Thai students to speak English. The problem that I keep running in to is that the ones I find are either to short and easy, or to long and complicated for them.

I needed to come up with something in between that they could handle, but wouldn’t fall asleep during. But, I had to keep pounding the basics into their heads to make sure that they had a good foundation to build on. Here are 10 examples of some pretty easy English conversations that I have either written, or found on the internet. The easiest ones are only 4 sets long, and very simple to change to suit your needs.

Depending on the class skill level, I use them up to the 7th or 8th grade for my students. My 10th through 12th graders usually work with English conversations that are 6 sets long and use sentences that are a little more complicated. I will get those up here as soon as I can.

1. Who are you?

A. What’s your name?

B. My name is Bobby. What’s yours?

A. Mine is Tom.

B. Where do you live?

A. I live in Lopburi, and you?

B. I live in Saraburi.

A. It’s nice to meet you.

B. It’s nice to meet you too.

2. Going to the park

A. Where are you going?

B. I am going to the park.

A. What will you do there?

B. I will play football.

A. Who will you play with?

B. My friends.

A. May I play too?

B. Yes, you may.

3. School time

A. What time do you go to school?

B. I go at 7am.

A. How do you get to school?

B. I get to school by bus.

A. What grade are you in?

B. The 6th grade.

A. Do you have fun at school?

B. Yes, I do.

4. Homework

A. What are you doing?

B. I’m doing my homework.

A. Which class is it for?

B. It’s for Math class.

A. Is it hard?

B. No, it’s not.

A. Will you help me with mine?

B. Yes, I will.

5. My birthday

A. When is your birthday?

B. My birthday is on August the 14th.

A. Mine is on May the 3rd.

B. Do you have a party on that day?

A. Yes, I do. Do you?

B. Yes, we have lots of fun.

A. What do you do?

B. We play games and eat cake.

6. What to do?

A. What do you want to do?

B. I don’t know.

A. We could play tennis.

B. No, it’s too hot.

A. We could play basketball.

B. No, it’s too hot for that too.

A. Do you want to go swimming?

B. That’s a cool idea.

7. Funny story

A. Why are you laughing?

B. Because I heard a funny story.

A. Who told you a funny story?

B. Eric did.

A. When did he tell it to you?

B. A few minutes ago.

A. Will you tell it to me?

B. Yes, I will tell you.

8. In the dark

A. Oh! The electricity is off!

B. I can’t see anything.

A. Me either.

B. What should we do?

A. We need a flashlight.

B. Where is it?

A. I think it’s in the kitchen drawer.

B. Yes, here it is.

9. Lost backpack

A. Have you seen my backpack?

B. No. Why do you ask?

A. Because I can’t find it.

B. Did you look in your closet?

A. Yes, It wasn’t there.

B. Did you look under your bed?

A. No, not yet.

B. I bet that’s where it is.

10. Popcorn

A. Are you ready to watch the movie?

B. No, not yet.

A. Why not?

B. Because something is missing.

A. What’s missing?

B. Popcorn!

A. I can watch a movie without popcorn.

B. Well, I can’t.


*Hi everyone! I am sorry that I have been gone for so long, but life just gets busy sometimes. I will be updating the site with new conversations and lesson ideas for you very soon. Stay tuned!  :)